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Blockchain Developer

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Are you a software engineer that likes videogames and blockchain? And are you by any chance looking for something new? Well, that’s perfect because we’re looking for you.

The Company

You will be working with one of the biggest names within the blockchain gaming sphere (90 people in total). Our mother organization has been in this space since 2012 and has no interest in leaving. They have multiple coins listed on the biggest exchange in the world to give an idea of what we’re dealing with. In 2019 they’ve made a blockchain that’s tailor made for gaming, art and game developers to build their games on a sustainable and scalable way.

Which also conveniently gives them the opportunity to become the leading platform in NFT games. Think Steam, but decentralized. To achieve this they need to have games and so they’ve acquired a studio and have multiple collaboration with other studio’s to get games on the platform. We’ve recently launched the Alpha Season for our flagship project: My Neighbor Alice ($ALICE) but in the shadow’s we already building our next adventure. A «Team-Based Strategy RPG» This is where you come in.

The Job

You will work with experienced veterans of the gaming industry. For example the lead producer on this project worked as a lead on the world of various Assassins Creed as well as quests in

Ghost Recon. He knows what he’s doing. What he doesn’t know is coding. That’s why he needs you! Together with the Lead Blockchain developer and another blockchain dev, you will be responsible for building the Blockchain infrastructure for the game. How do the interactions work, the contracts and even interoperability. Yes this will work with Metaverses. Well, if you can make it happen ;).

In addition to this you will be one of the founding team members when it comes to the development side of this project. This means that that an entire team will be build around you to make sure that you’re able to deliver the best solutions to the complex problems blockchain gaming provides. But don’t worry we are experienced so there’s people to ask help from.

Lots of power, but also lots of responsibility.

If you think you can manage that; Why not scroll further and read the requirements?

The Requirements

Still reading? Nice! Well, no reason to keep you waiting any longer! Check the list below to see if you can do this!

  • You feel you are a senior software engineer. Not just by years of experience but in way of working. You can decide how many years you think a senior has;).
  • Bachelor’s degree in information security, computer science, or related. (this helps because of fundamentals in software development).
  • Advanced analytical and problem-solving skills (It’s blockchain, there is no documentation, you are the documentation).
  • Advanced proficiency in a programming languages such as C++, Python, Java, Go or whatever. You’re just a damn good software engineer and you know it (If you’ve worked with Solidity or EVM stuff that’s a definite plus).
  • Advanced experience in back-end development, algorithms, and data structures.
  • Familiarity with P2P networks is plus too.
  • Knowledge of cryptography and blockchain protocols
  • Proficiency working with Git for source control.
  • Strong understanding of and interest in working with blockchain technology.

So you made it to the bottom of the list and are curious about the yield? Scroll one more time please 🙂

The Yield

Everybody wants to know the yield these days, but between you and me. Utility is better.

  • Salary up to 80k.
  • A completely remote job (unless you’re based in or want to relocate to Stockholm).
  • You’re going to be the coolest guy at a party when BTC is reaching ATH’s again.
  • People will be very concerned and wary about your career when BTC crashes even further. But you don’t stress because we can keep this going for a few more cycles. And we’re not Do Kwon.
  • A place at the table on the playing field of the future.

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