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Blockchain Developer

Web In Technology Group Inc (US)

Blockchain Developer

160,000 Euros

Fully Remote

This is a very rare opportunity.

There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors in the blockchain world. It can be a minefield for genuine engineers looking for reliable and genuine career options.

This is one of the most secure blockchain engineering opportunities I’ve ever come across and I’m very excited to be working alongside this company.

This company…

** Pay exceptionally well

** Offer equity to their permanent employees

** Reserve 25% of all their tokens for their staff

** Have some incredible investors & tech partners (Hivemind, Solana, Griffin Gaming, Avalanche, Layer Zero… the list goes on!)

They are a genuine player in this space and, as such, are on the hunt for a genuine blockchain developer.

By the end of the year, they will have hired 5 blockchain developers, meaning you will be in a team of likeminded professionals working on an exciting new launch.

This project is at ground zero and we’re looking for ‘builders’ – we need someone who’s going to be excited by the prospect of building something from scratch.

What is the project?

My client is creating a AAA blockchain enabling game. This is going to be a very big release and the engineers involved in this project will get the incomparable experience of building a game from the ground up for a reputable and well-known blockchain company.

The role in a nutshell?

** Assist the Lead Architect in defining the direction of blockchain applications from a design and technical perspective

** Developing game economy

** Writing smart contracts

** Writing the libraries to interface with smart contracts

** Backend development

** Ensure code safety by working with audit firms

What tech experience do you need?

** Writing distributed, high-performance services

** Rust, Solidity, JavaScript and other related languages in relation to Web3 and Smart Contracts

** Ethereum, EVM

** Implementing engineering solutions

** Git, code reviews, testing

** REST and GraphQL API’s

** An understanding and interest in DeFi, NFT’s, DAO’s, Sub Graphs

To succeed, you need to be excited by the prospect of experimenting with new technologies and ideas to propel the projects forward.

In fact, this company actually reserve 10% of your working week for time for you to spend on researching and experimenting with new ideas and tech.

Sounds interesting doesn’t it!

Hit apply and we’ll get you in the interview process ASAP.

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